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26000 KM MileStone Achieved on 29th April 2018

Hi All,

Good Day..

Today morning, I have walked about 10.36 KM at Tea Pot Area, Kuala Belait. I could see beautiful early morning (prior sunrise) clouds at the Borneo Rain Forest.

Part of my Step challenge, today morning I have reached 26000 km equivalent Steps ( 1 km = 1300 Steps) of 400075 km (Earth Equator Distance). This journey started on 11th May 2013 with a target to finish by 10th May 2023.

Also walked about today afternoon/even at Gorkha Temple Area including Seria, Tamu etc

Today, I have accumulated 28203 Steps (10. 36 +6.1 km = 16.46 km map walked).

Try to accumulate 10000 Steps or its equivalent daily….