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5th Year Completion of Virtual World Travel (VWT) along the EQUATOR on 10th May 2018 – Impossible to I am Possible Journey

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Epic Walking Journey started on 11th May 2013 and the following data is valid till 10th May 2018, completed 5 years.

Day started with 12 minutes of free hand exercises in early morning and goes for morning walk at KB Town, Belait Beach, 8 Park about 6.40 KM. In order to go for long walking, purchased on 10th May 2018, one rucksack bag, an umbrella and power bank from Milimewah @KB Town. –  It is one of the beautiful day ever with powerful Sunrise, unparallel Colourful clouds.

Evening/Afternoon, around 5 pm ventured out for long walk – Jln Tengah, Belait Beach, Sea View Beach, Panaga E1, Jln Maulana, KBBC, VPlaza, KB Town, Jln Tengah (Res) – 18.65 KM, one of longest walk in life time [ 1) Kara to Vishnu Devi Temple – Katra; 2) Panaga (F5/17) to KB Tamu via Jln Maulana and the back to F5/17 Via Belait, Sea View and Panaga Beach, Panaga Club to F5/17].

Rewarding to Self on this 5th Year Completion

  • Mapped walking: 6.40+18.65 KM = 25.05 KM (on 10-05-2018)
  • Total no of Steps: 39673 Steps
  • 12 Min Free Hand Exercises, early morning: 1000 Steps
  • Total no of Steps incl. Free hand exercise: 40673 Steps
  • 75th Day ( on 10th May 2018) in Brunei ( 2nd Spell)

Global Virtual Journey

  • Till yesterday (10th May 2018 – 1826 Days): 26273 KM walked
  • Daily Average : 14.4 KM/Day (Eqv) – 18705 Steps/Day

I am continuing my passion – Accumulating Steps on daily basis – 10000 Steps a day or more in order to stay healthy, fit and  productive. While in BSP, I have started my Virtual Walk along the Equator (40075 KM) on 11th May 2013 with a set target to complete by 10th May 2023 { 10 Years }. Just completed 5th year on this mission – Impossible to I am possible journey .

  • Virtual walking (equivalent Steps) along the Equator – 40075 KM [ 1 KM = 1300 Steps ]
  • Started on: 11th May 2013, using Pedometer to count the steps and GPS for tracking the trail
  • Reached Half of the Equator distance: 20038 KM on 12th January 2017
  • 5th Year Completed on 10th May 2018: 26273 KM logged Steps/Mapped walk
  • Total no of STEPs till 5th May 2018 : 34.16 Million
  • Hence, burnt calories, saved fuel, reduced CO2 etc
  • Resulting in sustaining good health, weight and Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

I am happy share this to you all, my well wishers.

Also, you can see some of these logged information at



D Pratihar, AEQ/32X
Lead Commissioning and Start Up Engineer
West Asset Rejuvenation Projects
BSP Co Sdn Bhd
Panaga, Brunei Darussalam

Founder Executive, Step Bank of Health (SBH) & Virtual World Travel (VWT – Android Apps – Google Play Store); Virtual World Travel (Android Apps)

  • Promoting Walking/Steps for better Health & Environment
  • A Step To A Step Change – Steps ===== > Impacts – Every Steps Matters
  • The Greatest Wealth is The Peak Health
  • Aspiring Clean/Green Better Living Mother Earth
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson

“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters Compared to what lies within us.”

  •  Robert Kennedy’s Jr..
    “I always saw pollution as theft, and I always thought, “Why should somebody be able to pollute the air, which belongs to all of us, or destroy a river or a waterway, which is supposed to belong to the whole community.”
  • John F Kennedy
    “Ask not what your country can do for you,
    Ask what you can do for your country.”

Undergoing Virtual Globe Trotting along the Equators – Started on 11th May 2013 with target achievement on or before 10th May 2023; Progressed 26273 KM ( till 10th May 2018 – 34.16 Million Steps) Vs. 40075 KM Equator length.

26000 KM MileStone Achieved on 29th April 2018

Hi All,

Good Day..

Today morning, I have walked about 10.36 KM at Tea Pot Area, Kuala Belait. I could see beautiful early morning (prior sunrise) clouds at the Borneo Rain Forest.

Part of my Step challenge, today morning I have reached 26000 km equivalent Steps ( 1 km = 1300 Steps) of 400075 km (Earth Equator Distance). This journey started on 11th May 2013 with a target to finish by 10th May 2023.

Also walked about today afternoon/even at Gorkha Temple Area including Seria, Tamu etc

Today, I have accumulated 28203 Steps (10. 36 +6.1 km = 16.46 km map walked).

Try to accumulate 10000 Steps or its equivalent daily….