Good Day..

Today morning, I have walked about 10.36 KM at Tea Pot Area, Kuala Belait. I could see beautiful early morning (prior sunrise) clouds at the Borneo Rain Forest.

Part of my Step challenge, today morning I have reached 26000 km equivalent Steps ( 1 km = 1300 Steps) of 400075 km (Earth Equator Distance). This journey started on 11th May 2013 with a target to finish by 10th May 2023.

Also walked about today afternoon/even at Gorkha Temple Area including Seria, Tamu etc

Today, I have accumulated 28203 Steps (10. 36 +6.1 km = 16.46 km map walked).

Try to accumulate 10000 Steps or its equivalent daily….



Hi All,

Good Morning,

Epic Walking Journey started on 11th May 2013 and the following data is valid till 10th May 2018, completed 5 years.

Evening/Afternoon, around 5 pm ventured out for long walk – Jln Tengah, Belait Beach, Sea View Beach, Panaga E1, Jln Maulana, KBBC, VPlaza, KB Town, Jln Tengah (Res) – 18.65 KM, one of longest walk in life time [ 1) Kara to Vishnu Devi Temple – Katra; 2) Panaga (F5/17) to KB Tamu via Jln Maulana and the back to F5/17 Via Belait, Sea View and Panaga Beach, Panaga Club to F5/17].

Day started with 12 minutes of free hand exercises in early morning and goes for morning walk at KB Town, Belait Beach, 8 Park about 6.40 KM. In order to go for long walking, purchased on 10th May 2018, one rucksack bag, an umbrella and power bank from Milimewah @KB Town. –  It is one of the beautiful day ever with powerful Sunrise, unparallel Colourful clouds.

Rewarding to Self on this 5th Year Completion

  • Mapped walking: 6.40+18.65 KM = 25.05 KM (on 10-05-2018)
  • Total no of Steps: 39673 Steps
  • 12 Min Free Hand Exercises, early morning: 1000 Steps
  • Total no of Steps incl. Free hand exercise: 40673 Steps
  • 75th Day ( on 10th May 2018) in Brunei ( 2nd Spell)

Global Virtual Journey

  • Till yesterday (10th May 2018 – 1826 Days): 26273 KM walked
  • Daily Average : 14.4 KM/Day (Eqv) – 18705 Steps/Day

I am continuing my passion – Accumulating Steps on daily basis – 10000 Steps a day or more in order to stay healthy, fit and  productive. While in BSP, I have started my Virtual Walk along the Equator (40075 KM) on 11th May 2013 with a set target to complete by 10th May 2023 { 10 Years }. Just completed 5th year on this mission – Impossible to I am possible journey .

  • Virtual walking (equivalent Steps) along the Equator – 40075 KM [ 1 KM = 1300 Steps ]
  • Started on: 11th May 2013, using Pedometer to count the steps and GPS for tracking the trail
  • Reached Half of the Equator distance: 20038 KM on 12th January 2017
  • 5th Year Completed on 10th May 2018: 26273 KM logged Steps/Mapped walk
  • Total no of STEPs till 5th May 2018 : 34.16 Million
  • Hence, burnt calories, saved fuel, reduced CO2 etc
  • Resulting in sustaining good health, weight and Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

I am happy share this to you all, my well wishers.

Also, you can see some of these logged information at




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West Asset Rejuvenation Projects
BSP Co Sdn Bhd
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“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters Compared to what lies within us.”

  •  Robert Kennedy’s Jr..
    “I always saw pollution as theft, and I always thought, “Why should somebody be able to pollute the air, which belongs to all of us, or destroy a river or a waterway, which is supposed to belong to the whole community.”
  • John F Kennedy
    “Ask not what your country can do for you,
    Ask what you can do for your country.”

Undergoing Virtual Globe Trotting along the Equators – Started on 11th May 2013 with target achievement on or before 10th May 2023; Progressed 26273 KM ( till 10th May 2018 – 34.16 Million Steps) Vs. 40075 KM Equator length.