Community Development

Community (association of peoples) is nothing but the presence of peoples of that locality. It is been proven that if some people walks or doing other physical activities (exclusively for caring /nursing the body temple) will also attracts the other peoples of their localities. The walking or any physical activities are exclusively being performed for giving back to the individual own temple – The BODY. No other thing in exchange – only personal body/mind development.

Great quote of Henry Ford states that -------

Coming Together is Beginning

Keeping Together is progress

Working Together is Success

It is possible to develop the communities/social bodies by doing regularly group walking / other physical activities. While having walking/physical activities (dedicated for self, no other return instead), this will generate more equivalent “STEPS”. It will certainly create the” ÏMPACTS” to the society’s common cause alleviation like Clean, Green Environment, Education, Helping/sharing each other for any good/bad situation, being connected with people.

If a group of people (after 30 minutes of physical activities – walking/others) focus any issues , it is certain that they will find themselves a solution (find enough guidance for overcoming the issues) of their own while discussing about 10-15 minutes period post physical activities. Walking –  possible to integrate with minimum cost and other requirement.


STEPS                  IMPACTS

(Only Positive)