Different Workouts

It is already said that WALKING is one of the best workouts – affordable, anytime, anywhere, without supporting partners even. Hence, it is applicable for all walks of life, society. However, other physical activities/workouts (whatever possible) are also most important for our body temple maintenance and sustenance. The most common workouts equivalent conversion of steps are given below.

As this website is recording every workout in terms of “STEPS” equivalent, please convert into Steps prior input:

Workout Type Steps / Minute Workout Type Steps / Minute
Cycling, 1 km/4 min 520 Gardening, Moderate 116
Dancing, Socially 93 Gardening, Lite 73
Stair Climbing, Slow 90 Bowling 87
Swimming Leisure 133 Running, Jogging 156
Yoga / Laughing 100 Tennis, Doubles 102
Badminton 96 Tennis, Single 178
Cricket 111 Walking, Normal Speed 100